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HIGHTOP is a leading manufacturer and provider of aluminum mesh. We are regarded as experts in the wire mesh industry and can meet the needs of all types of wire mesh users. We are an ISO9001:2015 certified company and currently have 3 production bases in China, with advanced production equipment, professional and strict quality inspections, and a large warehouse that guarantees sufficient inventory. After 20 years of development, we have established a wide range of customer markets around the world, such as Europe, the United States, Africa, Southeast Asia and other different countries and regions.

We produce and provide various types of aluminum mesh, including aluminum woven mesh, welded mesh, hexagonal mesh, perforated mesh, expanded metal mesh, metal curtain, etc. They are ideal materials for door and window insect screens, filtration, construction, decoration, door and window grilles, and automobile grilles. Aluminum mesh has excellent rust and corrosion resistance, similar to stainless steel. However, it is lighter in weight and lower in cost than stainless steel. It also has good ductility and is easy to bend and shape. It is suitable for various environments and is a popular product. The most common application of aluminum woven nets is insect netting for doors and windows.

Aluminum perforated mesh and expanded metal mesh play an important role in the field of safety protection and decoration. They have a strong structure and provide excellent safety protection. They are ideal for door and window safety grilles, handrail filler panels, stair treads, non-slip floors, and fences. In addition, their different openings and decorative patterns can provide an attractive appearance and are widely used in indoor and outdoor decorative designs.

Choose HIGHTOP aluminum mesh, you will enjoy the most professional and reliable service. Our professional technology, design and production team ensure to provide you with a reasonable solution for each project and ensure the quality of the product.

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Our aluminum mesh provides a wide range of applications for indoor and outdoor. We have been focus on providing aluminum mesh products for industrial designers and other customers to meet their requirements.You can also check the aluminum mesh items by email us or calling.

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