Aluminum Mesh Grill – Aluminium Grille

Aluminum mesh grid can be made of expanded metal sheet, perforated metal mesh, woven mesh or laser cut screens. These grilles are ideal for radiator grilles and ventilation in cars and trucks. They provide maximum ventilation while preventing debris such as leaves and rocks from flying into the engine compartment. Aluminium grille mesh has high strength and will not be deformed by the impact of flying rocks.

The aluminum expanded mesh grill is made by cutting and stretching a aluminium sheet. It is usually surface treated with black powder coating or polished chrome. It presents high strength and corrosion resistance. It is very suitable for the radiator grille, architectural metal mesh, and vent of the car.

The aluminum perforated mesh grill is also a very common material for car grille. It is available in a variety of hole pattern choices, such as round, square, diamond and other shapes of holes. In addition, the plate thickness and size, hole pattern and spacing can be customized according to your requirements.

Aluminium woven grille mesh can be made by plain weave or crimped weave aluminum alloy wire. It can use flat wire or round wire, single wire or two-way, to create a variety of weaving patterns. It is generally a square or diamond-shaped grille.

Expanded Aluminum Mesh Grill Aluminium Grille

black perforated aluminium mesh grill

Aluminium Wire Mesh Grille


  • Material: Aluminum alloy
  • Surface treatment: powder coating, polished chrome, or anodized
  • Color: silver, black, gold, etc.
  • Standard car grille size: 16″×36″, 16″×48″, 24″×24″, 12″×48″, 18″×48″, 48″×72″, 24″×72″, or customized size.
  • Available in sheet or roll form.
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