Heavy duty aluminum screen

Stair treads, walkway grilles, platforms

An extremely common application of heavy duty aluminum screens is stair treads and walkway gratings. It is usually made of expanded metal mesh and perforated metal plates.

Expanded metal treads are characterized by high load-bearing capacity and anti-slip. Its raised surface provides strong support, so people don’t need to worry about accidentally slipping. The expanded metal has a large opening area, which can easily discharge snow, water and oil, which helps to clean the walkway and treads, thereby maintaining a better non-slip surface. The high opening area also allows heat and light to pass through. These functions are very useful when considering the factors of building safety and maintenance.

When used as stair treads and walkway gratings, heavy-duty aluminum perforated plates have similar properties to expanded metal. Its excellent slip resistance and easy cleaning also make it an ideal choice for indoor and outdoor walkways.

Heavy duty aluminum screen applied in door and window security screen

Heavy duty aluminum screen is used as security grille to provide a safety barrier for doors and windows in domestic and commercial buildings. It is usually made of expanded aluminum mesh or perforated aluminum mesh, which has a strong structure and provides clear vision and ventilation. Its various openings and patterns add aesthetic value to doors and windows.

Architectural decoration application of heavy duty aluminum screen

Heavy-duty aluminum perforated metal and expanded metal mesh have an extremely wide range of applications. Aluminum has good corrosion resistance, and anodizing can increase its aesthetic appeal. Architects and artists love to apply these dynamic metal plates to various architectural and decorative applications, such as shopping malls, offices, stadiums, airports, hotels, concert halls, etc.

Building facades

  • Interior wall decoration
  • Ceiling decoration
  • Space partition
  • Sunshades
  • railing

Heavy duty aluminum screen Application

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