Aluminium Diamond Mesh

Aluminium diamond mesh generally refers to an expanded mesh, it is made by cutting and stretching the aluminum sheet to form diamond-shaped openings. The surface can be spray-painted, anodized, and powder coated. It is suitable for door and window grilles to improve the safety of your house while allowing air and light to pass through. Aluminum diamond mesh is also widely used in other interior and exterior decorations, such as ceilings, wall cladding and facades, etc. It is also used for safety grating, machine covering, garden fence, ventilation, walkways, floors, load-bearing grilles, etc.

  • Material: Aluminum or aluminium alloy
  • Surface treatment: Anodic oxidation treatment, spray-painting powder coating such as black, white, brown, etc.


  • The anti-theft screens for doors and windows
  • Interior and exterior decoration, such as ceilings, wall cladding, building facade, etc.,
  • Walkaway, antiskid safety tread
  • Protective fences for railways, highways and airports
  • Sidewalks, floors, and load-bearing grilles, etc.

decorative aluminium diamond mesh

aluminum diamond mesh

Aluminium Diamond Mesh Applications

Aluminium diamond mesh has a variety of uses, widely used in building facades, wall cladding, window safety nets, gardening fence, stair railing, walkaway grating, residential doors, etc.

aluminium diamond mesh building facade

aluminum diamond mesh for ceiling

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