Aluminium door mesh

Aluminum door mesh includes insect screens and safety grilles for doors.

Aluminum door mesh – insect screen

The aluminum woven mesh has a fine mesh that can act as an insect screen and is installed on doors and windows. Aluminum insect screens provide an environmentally friendly way to let in fresh air without letting in flies and mosquitoes. Not only does it block ultraviolet rays and insects, it also provides extra privacy. Aluminum insect screens have excellent corrosion and rust resistance, and can be used in humid or corrosive environments.

The aluminum insect screen has a silver-white natural metallic color, and can be painted into any color such as yellow or green through epoxy coating. Black and charcoal insect screens can provide excellent visibility and reduce glare, making them a more popular choice.


  • Stronger and more durable than fiberglass screens
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent rust and corrosion resistance
  • It has a lower cost than stainless steel and copper window screens

Aluminum door mesh – safety grille

Aluminum expanded metal mesh and perforated sheets are usually used on doors and windows, acting as a safety grille. The aluminum safety grille is light in weight, rust-proof and has a long service life. They have a sturdy structure, can exert a high safety protection effect, and provide clear vision and ventilation.

The aluminum safety grille not only provides safety, but also plays a decorative role, adding aesthetic value to doors and windows. Expanded aluminum mesh and perforated aluminum sheets can provide different opening patterns, diamond, hexagon or round. The surface is anodized or powder sprayed into various colors, which can provide an eye-catching appearance for doors and windows. It has become a popular choice for safety and decorative netting for doors and windows.


  • Mesh type: aluminum expanded metal mesh and aluminum perforated sheet
  • Opening shape: diamond, square, rectangle, circle or other patterns, or customized.
  • Surface treatment: anodic oxidation treatment; powder coating in various colors is provided.

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