Decorative Aluminum Sheet Metal – Architectural Aluminium Decorative Panels

Decorative aluminum sheet metal is an economical and durable architectural decoration material. Its corrosion resistance is as good as stainless steel, and its weight is only about 1/3 of steel. In addition, its cost is cheaper than stainless steel, brass and copper, etc., therefore it is an ideal choice for architectural metal mesh materials.

Aluminium decorative panels are usually with various patterned openings, such as round holes, square holes, slotted holes, and various customized laser cut patterns. The surface can also be painted in various colors, such as green, black, blue, white, and mixed colors.

There are many manufacturing methods for decorative aluminum sheet, such as punching, stretching, laser cutting, etching and so on. Because they have light weight, beautiful appearance and artistic sense, aluminium decorative panels are loved by many architects and designers. They are widely used in the facade of building exterior wall, building wall cladding, restaurant, theater and home interior privacy screen, partition and space divider, etc.

decorative aluminum laser cut screens with patterned openings

Decorative Aluminum Sheet Metal with Patterned Openings

laser cut aluminium decorative sheet metal

Laser Cut Aluminium Decorative Sheet Metal

Decorative Aluminum Sheet

Perforated and Laser Cut Aluminium Sheets

Decorative Perforated Aluminum Sheet Metal with Patterned Openings
Decorative Perforated Aluminum Sheet Metal With Graphic Pattern

expanded aluminium decorative panels

Expanded Aluminium Decorative Panels

Decorative Aluminum Expanded Sheet Metal

Architectural Expanded Aluminium Panels