Aluminum Insect Screen Mesh

Aluminum insect screen mesh is usually used for home doors and windows to prevent the entry of mosquitoes, flies, insects and bugs. It is a metal mesh with rectangular or square mesh openings woven by aluminium alloy wire. The weave type is normally plain weave, which can provide uniform opening. Its natural metallic color is silver white, also can be painted into silver gray, black, charcoal, yellow, green and other colors by epoxy coating. Black and charcoal insect screens can provide excellent privacy and UV resistant.

In addition, aluminum insect screens have excellent corrosion and rust resistance, and can be used in humid or corrosive environments. This is similar to stainless steel, but its cost is lower than stainless steel.


  • Material: Aluminum alloy wire
  • Wire diameter: BWG 31- BWG 34.
  • Hole size: 18×18 mesh, 18×16 mesh, 18×14 mesh, 16×16 mesh, 16×14 mesh, 14×14 mesh.
  • Width: 0.6-1.8m
  • Length: 25-100m
  • Color: black, silver, charcoal and other colors.

aluminum insect screen

aluminium insect screen roll

aluminum insect screen mesh

aluminium insect mesh

aluminium insect screen mesh

aluminum door screen

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