Aluminum Window Screen Roll

Aluminum window screen roll is woven from magnesium-containing aluminium alloy wires. The color is silvery white. It has excellent rust and corrosion resistance and is very suitable for use in humid environments. Aluminum window screens can be made into various colors after being coated with epoxy resin paint, such as black, green, silver gray, yellow, blue and other colors, so it is also called “epoxy resin painted aluminum screen”. It is widely used in doors, windows and corridors to prevent mosquitoes, flies and small insects from being disturbed.

Compared with plastic and fiberglass screens, aluminum window screens are more durable. Some window screens made of perforated metal sheets and expanded metal mesh are also called security mesh, which not only prevent flies, mosquitoes and insects, but also prevent sharp objects from breaking, keeping thieves out of the door, and enhancing home security.

Hightop is a leading aluminum window screen roll manufacturer and supplier. We mass produce and keep a large amount of inventory to meet the needs of customers in large quantities.

aluminum window screen

Aluminum Window Screen Rolls

aluminum window screen roll

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