Aluminium Fly Screen Mesh for Windows & Doors

Aluminium fly screen is made of aluminum wire mesh, used for windows and doors to keep flies and insects out, help improve indoor air circulation. It can also be used for balconies, corridors and lofts to ventilate these areas and prevent mosquito, insect, fly and bug.

Aluminum window screen mesh is light and durable, and has good rust resistance, has the ability to cover all weather conditions, and is very suitable for applications in humid climates. If properly maintained, it can easily serve you for several years.

The aluminum fly screen can maintain its natural metallic color, and can also be sprayed into various colors such as blue or charcoal colors. Charcoal color reduces UV but improves visibility, making it more popular in construction and household applications.

aluminum window screen

Aluminium Fly Screens

aluminum fly screen

aluminium chain fly screen


  • Rust resistance
  • Strong, durable and easy to maintain.
  • Aluminum has a longer service life than fiberglass
  • More economical, lower cost than stainless steel and copper fly screen
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