Aluminum Chicken Wire Mesh

Aluminum chicken wire mesh is rare in the market because it is difficult to produce, and thin aluminium wires usually cannot withstand greater processing strength. Therefore, aluminum wires are easy to break during the production process.

The most common chicken wire mesh on the market is made of galvanized wire, PVC coated wire or stainless steel wire, and is usually with hexagonal openings. You can choose one according to your budget or use environment. So if you are looking for aluminum chicken wire mesh, we recommend galvanized or stainless steel chicken wire mesh.

The chicken wire made stainless steel has higher strength and excellent corrosion resistance than aluminum chicken wire, so it is more popular. The thin galvanized and stainless steel chicken mesh can be used for poultry fence, handicrafts, strainers, etc. The heavy-duty chicken wire mesh can be used for safety protection applications such as highway and railway fences and also used for making Gabion baskets and mattress to protect and support seawalls, hillsides, reservoirs and other civil engineering projects.

stainless steel chicken wire mesh

galvanized chicken wire mesh


Chicken wire mesh is versatile and widely used for poultry net, craft, artware, handicrafts, cabinets, decorative wire mesh, strainers, storage baskets, etc.

galvanized chicken wire

decorative chicken wire mesh

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