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HIGHTOP is one of the leading aluminum screen manufacturers and aluminium mesh suppliers in China, we have over 20 years of experience in manufacturing and supplying all kinds of aluminum mesh screen, covering aluminum woven mesh, welded mesh, hexagonal screen, perforated screen mesh, expanded metal mesh, metal curtain, etc., which are ideal for industrial, commercial metal filters, insect screen for doors and windows, filtration, construction, decoration, door and window security mesh, car grilles.

As one of leading aluminum screen manufacturers and aluminium mesh suppliers, we have the ability to produce and supply in large quantities. In addition, we maintain sufficient inventory to meet the needs of large and small customers and ensure that products are shipped on time for customers. We always put quality and service first, and save costs for customers, please feel free to contact us to get a quote, we are very happy to hear form you.

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We supply various types of aluminum mesh screen products. Send us your required products and specifications, we will send you best offer as soon as possible.

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