Aluminum Wire Mesh, Aluminium Screen, Panels and Rolls

Aluminum wire mesh is usually a woven mesh. Due to the softness and low strength of aluminum wire, it is difficult to withstand high-strength processing, so it can hardly be used to make chicken wire mesh. In addition, because aluminium is more difficult to weld than steel, aluminum wire is rarely used to make welded wire mesh.

So if you are looking for aluminium chicken wire mesh or welded wire mesh, we recommend that you buy products made of galvanized steel or stainless steel.

Aluminum woven wire mesh is usually plain weave and the openings are square. The final products can be a roll, a sheet or a panel, depending on the size of the wire diameter.

Hightop is a leading aluminium wire cloth manufacturer and supplier, we provide aluminum woven mesh with various wire diameters and openings, the wire diameter ranges from 0.055mm to 4mm, and the opening range is from 0.58 mesh to 200 mesh (50 mesh). Among them, 16 mesh, 18 mesh and 20 mesh screens are suitable for window screens to prevent mosquitoes, insects, fly and bugs, etc.

aluminum wire mesh roll

fine aluminium mesh roll

aluminum woven wire mesh

aluminum wire mesh screen


  • Material: aluminum or aluminium alloy wire
  • Weaving type: plain weave
  • Wire diameter: 0.055mm to 4mm
  • Mesh: 0.58 mesh to 200 mesh (50 mesh)
  • Roll length: 30m.

Aluminum Woven Wire Mesh Applications

The most common applications of aluminium woven wire mesh are window screens, insect screens, wire mesh filters and strainers, and decorative mesh, etc.

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